Such is the EDSA Grand Realty & Development Corporation strong drive for success and growth in today's globally competitive business setting in the country.

EDSA Grand Realty & Development Corporation  is a growth company. Another fast-growing homebuilder, its entry to the homebuilding market marks the consistently expanding footprint across the metropolis of its affiliate and predecessor companies - Adriatico Grand Realty Corporation, Best Builder Construction and Harley C. Co, owner and developer, contractor and architects, respectively of Adriatico Grand Residences. Industry and market conditions for these companies remain positive for this period and beyond.

EDSA Grand Realty & Development Corporation  is a specialized service group rendering quality construction, architectural and engineering works to all types of business institutions and individuals in the Philippines. Responding promptly to the increasing quality standards in workplaces and business establishments as key factors for companies and firms to bring out higher levels of competence and efficiency, EDSA Grand Residences provides superior expertise and above-par performance to meet the needs and demands of every client for world-class quality and first-rate technical stability in the field of construction and engineering. Clearly on the road for greater expansion, the firm has already achieved a tremendous deal of success with its wide range of projects in various parts of the country, from recreational facilities, commercial and industrial establishments to housing and residential assignments.

EDSA Grand Realty & Development Corporation  draws its strength from the following clear standpoints:

The complete success of a project necessitates a high level of involvement in every stage of the planning process
Collaboration is a vital tool. In many instances, EDSA Grand has combined efforts with other firms from different fields of expertise to produce unique solutions and better outcomes

EDSA Grand Realty & Development Corporation  has incorporated and developed world-class expertise and superior technical advantage with the following competency levels as its most positive features:

Identification of physical constraints and determination of budgetary guidelines as initial prerequisite for a successful design build
A highly-experienced staff that operates within established parameters in coming out with efficient and enduring designs

EDSA Grand Realty & Development Corporation  ensures first-rate performance and high levels of satisfaction for its clients in providing quality services for every stage of the construction project, from master planning, architectural and engineering design to the actual structure set-up. It imparts the necessary skills and resources to satisfy all conditions of a quality project outcome in every type of establishment such as:

Corporate Residence
Commercial Establishment
Recreational and Entertainment Facility
Government Structure
Religious Edifice